The 8th festival "Baltic Biennale of Photography" starts working on May 25. The program of the festival includes: a competitive exhibition "Photomania 2017" and festival projects, artist talk with authors and curators of projects.

Prize and diploma winners of the "Photomania 2017" contest will be announced during the festival opening.

The grand opening will take place at 6 pm on May 25 at the Kaliningrad Art Gallery.



  • The big game
    Yulia Abzaltdinova
    From May 25


  • Among the Ruins

Ikuru Kuvadzima

From May 25

  • Small wolves: post-war history.

Klaudi Heinermann

9.06 – 15.07


  • Animal stories.

Animalier photo art. Lithuania.



  • Schwarzwald - transfer.

Group project of German photographers



  • Portrait of Kražiai
  • Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
  • 25.05-16.06


  • Rain child.

Vetre Antanaviciute.



  • Photomania 2017


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Competitive Exhibition / List of participants

Congratulations to all who passed competitive selection!
Thank you to all who participated in the contest!

Abzaltdinova Julia. Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg
Andrianova Nataliya. Russian Federation, Moscow
Boldyreva Yannina. Russian Federation, Novosibirsk
Borkin Vadim. Russia, Kaliningrad region, Bright
Borsuchenko Irina. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Brazhnikova Kristina. Russian Federation, Voronezh
Bulatova Svetlana. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Chingaev Yaroslav. Russian Federation, Moscow
Com Egveniy. Russian Federation, Evpatoria
Dikaneva Anastasia. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Feoktistov Dmitry. Russian Federation, Omsk
Gailit Aleksey. Russian Federation, Moscow
Isaenkov Alexander. Russian Federation, Moscow
Ivanov  Evgeniy. Russian Federation, Novosibirsk
Ivanov  Evgeniy. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Ivanova Aleksandra. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Jabi Ehtiram. Azerbaijan, Baku
Karpov Andrey. Russian Federation, Novouznetsk
Keylina Marina. Russian Federation, Kinel
Kiseleva Alina. The Russian Federation, Magnitogorsk
Korobka Arkadiy. Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Leningradskaya stanitsa
Kovyak Sergey. Russian Federation, Tula region, Novomoskovsk
Kozlov Sergey. Russian Federation, Penza
Krupitsa Maria. Belarus, Minsk
Kudasheva Alena. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Lukutov Ivan. Russian Federation,  Pos. Golubevo
Makoveeva Svetlana. Russian Federation, Samara
Mikhailova Raisa. Russian Federation, Moscow
Morgunov Denis. Russian Federation, Tyumen
Moysyuk Alexandr. Russian Federation , Surgut
Nevar Vitaly. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Nizaeva Adel. Russian Federation,  Ufa
Nurgaliev Ruslan. Russian Federation, Saratov
Onischenko Vyacheslav. Ukraine, Odessa
Orlov Alexey. Russian Federation, Yoshkar-Ola
Palchik Vladimir. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Pesterev Sergey. Russian Federation, Moscow region., Pos. Mendeleevo
Platon Pavel. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Pritisk Yuri. Russian Federation, Novocheboksarsk
Ramazanov Nikolay. Russian Federation, Kursk
Romanenko Andrey. Russia, Moscow region, Pushkino
Rudik Stepan. Poland, Warsaw
Rutoed Robert. Austria, Vienna
Sadykov_Farhad. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Sarychev Maxim. Belarus, Minsk
Sergeeva Alena. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Shapran Andrey. Russian Federation, Moscow
Shulgevich Tatyana. Belarus, Minsk
Sidorova Ksenia. Russian Federation, Moscow
Strygina Evgeniya. Russian Federation, Pereslavl-Zalessky
Syrchikova Kristina. Russian Federation, Samara
Tarasova Svetlana. Russian Federation, Kaluga
Titovich Pavel. Russian Federation, Belgorod
Tkacheva Tatyana. Belarus, Minsk
Tsatsura Anastasia. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Tsider Anastasia. Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
Unitsyn Anton. Russia, Novosibirsk
Vadim Kachan. Belarus, Minsk
Valaseviciene Kristina. Lithuania, Kaunas distr., Domeikava
Veledzimovich Alexander. Belarus, Vitebsk
Veter Sergey. Russian Federation, Voronezh
Vodyanitsky Constantin. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Vogmer Anna. Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg
Volkov Pavel. Russian Federation, Moscow
Yasnopolsky Nick. Russian Federation, Moscow
Zozulya Alexandr. Belarus, Mozyr

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Soldiers of World War I / Reconstruction. 3D Photo / Guillaume Hubert, France

17 Apr 2015 Soldiers of World War I / Reconstruction. 3D Photo / Guillaume Hubert, France

Soldiers of World War I / Reconstruction. 3D Photo / Guillaume Hubert, France

Opening: April 17, 2015

“Friedland gate” Museum, Dzerzhinsky street , 30


Inspired by the history of World War I, I decided to create a series of portraits using some special technique. The idea was to depict soldiers from all countries of the world. Firstly, I began working with the group of military reconstructors called “Scottish soldiers of Flanders”, who reconstructed the outfits of Scottish soldiers buried in the Caestre Military Cemetery (France).

Later I decided to include soldiers from other countries into the project. The main goal of my work is to enliven the history and show the contemporaries how our ancestors lived.
In order to reach some certain level of authenticity I used the lenticular printing technique. This method is not new, per se. However, the objects on photographs are shown from different angles and in different planes, and this is a novelty. Thus, each portrait consists of a number of interlaced images, which brings depth and creates the 3D effect, making the picture more detailed and the colors more intense.





Guillaume Hubert was born in Montpellier (France) in 1969, studied plastic arts at the School of Design in Versailles. He has been taking photographs since he was 18, and in 2005 started working as a professional photographer. He discovered the lenticular printing technique in 2010 and since then has taken part in a number of large format photographic exhibitions: “Carnival masks” in the Town Expo Centre of Bayeux (France), “Next Dimension” at the Photokina exhibition in Koeln (Germany), etc. Guillaume was also a participant of the group exhibition organized by the International Art Centre in Hong Kong (China) in 2012.


Guillaume uses the software of the Triaxes company (Russia) to create 3D pictures. His 25 large format pictures will be presented at the biennale along with his other works that will be displayed on a special 3D panel. There will be also demonstrated an interactive presentation prepared by the students from the 3D visualization laboratory organized by Triaxes ( in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (



Organizers and Partners 2015








About the project

International festival 

 “The Baltic Photo Biennale. Photomania.”

The largest regional project «International festival “The Baltic Photo Biennale Photomania” takes place every two years in Kaliningrad Area starting from 2003. The unique festival idea is to unite professional and amateur photo artwithin one wide scale project.  Contest exhibition and out-of-competition festival projects, workshops and lectures on the photo arthistory are combined into different festival events that spread over main exhibition spots of Kaliningrad during a month.

The international competition is open for both professional and amateur photographers and the winners are awarded by competent jury from different countries.

A wide range of genres and styles are presented including archives, retrospective and modern art photography. You can find here many authors from Russia, Baltic Sea region and other European countries. There are educational cycles within the frameworks of the festival also where famous masters give their lectures and workshops for beginners, curators and photo editors organize portfolio reviews.

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