The 8th festival "Baltic Biennale of Photography" starts working on May 25. The program of the festival includes: a competitive exhibition "Photomania 2017" and festival projects, artist talk with authors and curators of projects.

Prize and diploma winners of the "Photomania 2017" contest will be announced during the festival opening.

The grand opening will take place at 6 pm on May 25 at the Kaliningrad Art Gallery.



  • The big game
    Yulia Abzaltdinova
    From May 25


  • Among the Ruins

Ikuru Kuvadzima

From May 25

  • Small wolves: post-war history.

Klaudi Heinermann

9.06 – 15.07


  • Animal stories.

Animalier photo art. Lithuania.



  • Schwarzwald - transfer.

Group project of German photographers



  • Portrait of Kražiai
  • Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
  • 25.05-16.06


  • Rain child.

Vetre Antanaviciute.



  • Photomania 2017


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Competitive Exhibition / List of participants

Congratulations to all who passed competitive selection!
Thank you to all who participated in the contest!

Abzaltdinova Julia. Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg
Andrianova Nataliya. Russian Federation, Moscow
Boldyreva Yannina. Russian Federation, Novosibirsk
Borkin Vadim. Russia, Kaliningrad region, Bright
Borsuchenko Irina. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Brazhnikova Kristina. Russian Federation, Voronezh
Bulatova Svetlana. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Chingaev Yaroslav. Russian Federation, Moscow
Com Egveniy. Russian Federation, Evpatoria
Dikaneva Anastasia. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Feoktistov Dmitry. Russian Federation, Omsk
Gailit Aleksey. Russian Federation, Moscow
Isaenkov Alexander. Russian Federation, Moscow
Ivanov  Evgeniy. Russian Federation, Novosibirsk
Ivanov  Evgeniy. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Ivanova Aleksandra. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Jabi Ehtiram. Azerbaijan, Baku
Karpov Andrey. Russian Federation, Novouznetsk
Keylina Marina. Russian Federation, Kinel
Kiseleva Alina. The Russian Federation, Magnitogorsk
Korobka Arkadiy. Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Leningradskaya stanitsa
Kovyak Sergey. Russian Federation, Tula region, Novomoskovsk
Kozlov Sergey. Russian Federation, Penza
Krupitsa Maria. Belarus, Minsk
Kudasheva Alena. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Lukutov Ivan. Russian Federation,  Pos. Golubevo
Makoveeva Svetlana. Russian Federation, Samara
Mikhailova Raisa. Russian Federation, Moscow
Morgunov Denis. Russian Federation, Tyumen
Moysyuk Alexandr. Russian Federation , Surgut
Nevar Vitaly. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Nizaeva Adel. Russian Federation,  Ufa
Nurgaliev Ruslan. Russian Federation, Saratov
Onischenko Vyacheslav. Ukraine, Odessa
Orlov Alexey. Russian Federation, Yoshkar-Ola
Palchik Vladimir. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Pesterev Sergey. Russian Federation, Moscow region., Pos. Mendeleevo
Platon Pavel. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Pritisk Yuri. Russian Federation, Novocheboksarsk
Ramazanov Nikolay. Russian Federation, Kursk
Romanenko Andrey. Russia, Moscow region, Pushkino
Rudik Stepan. Poland, Warsaw
Rutoed Robert. Austria, Vienna
Sadykov_Farhad. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Sarychev Maxim. Belarus, Minsk
Sergeeva Alena. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Shapran Andrey. Russian Federation, Moscow
Shulgevich Tatyana. Belarus, Minsk
Sidorova Ksenia. Russian Federation, Moscow
Strygina Evgeniya. Russian Federation, Pereslavl-Zalessky
Syrchikova Kristina. Russian Federation, Samara
Tarasova Svetlana. Russian Federation, Kaluga
Titovich Pavel. Russian Federation, Belgorod
Tkacheva Tatyana. Belarus, Minsk
Tsatsura Anastasia. Russian Federation, Kaliningrad
Tsider Anastasia. Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
Unitsyn Anton. Russia, Novosibirsk
Vadim Kachan. Belarus, Minsk
Valaseviciene Kristina. Lithuania, Kaunas distr., Domeikava
Veledzimovich Alexander. Belarus, Vitebsk
Veter Sergey. Russian Federation, Voronezh
Vodyanitsky Constantin. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Vogmer Anna. Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg
Volkov Pavel. Russian Federation, Moscow
Yasnopolsky Nick. Russian Federation, Moscow
Zozulya Alexandr. Belarus, Mozyr

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The Frances Rodick Portraits / Frank Rodick / Canada

16 Apr 2015 The Frances Rodick Portraits / Frank Rodick / Canada

The Frances Rodick Portraits / Frank Rodick / Canada

Opening April 16, 2015

Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Moscow Ave., 60-62

When artists write about their own work, what they usually come up with is an explanation or interpretation. They—we—try to answer the question What’s this work really all about?
The question is a good one and it makes sense perfect sense to ask it. But I’m just not comfortable answering it, especially with this work. Whatever inspired me, whatever questions I was looking to pose, whatever itch I was trying to scratch—the pictures are my answer. I think they’re a better answer than what I could tell you with words.
I’ll leave the interpretations to people more inclined and better suited to do just that. If people take the time to look carefully at my work and say what they think it’s about, I want them to know I’m sincerely honoured by their interest.
Instead, I’ll tell you the story behind the Frances Rodick portraits. More accurately, I’ll tell you a story because I wouldn’t presume it’s the conclusive story or that there even is one. I know how nebulous and muddy things get when it comes to the motives and emotions that exist within and between human beings.
I can’t tell you everything anyway . . . and I’m certain the pictures know more than I do.
Так или иначе, я не смогу рассказать вам все… но я уверен, что фотографиям известно куда больше, чем мне.

Frances Rodick is my biological mother. She’s dead now, so I can also say she was my mother. She lived long enough to be scarred by the Great Depression and to see the Twin Towers fall. She lived long enough to see her family grow modestly, and then—through madness, disease, and rancor—wither. Long enough to develop a sharp and stormy mind and then lose it, piece by piece but in the end completely.

My mother was born into a life that would be one degree of separation from a great catastrophe both acutely personal and terribly historical. She gave that tragedy a home inside herself, powered by a dark energy that snaked its way through every day of her life. Through a process more relentless than calculated, she made sure it would lodge itself inside me as well.
My mother’s life and mine showed me that Ibsen was right: sin and mayhem will run through generations, like blood through an artery. And just as quietly.

Over six days in 2004 I cremated my father and institutionalized my mother because her mind and body had fallen apart. As part of “managing things” I sifted through their belongings. These were people who saved everything, just in case.

Finding the photographs from the 1940s became my starting point. My father took some of them—he loved photographing my mother. I don’t know who took the others.
My mother lived another six years, in that crippled body and razed mind. One afternoon she looked at me and asked in a soft but clear voice, Did I ever have children? I told her “Yes, one,” but by then her mind had slipped away into that other dark world.
There are dozens of clichés about the death of one’s parents. Maybe the most common is the one that says it’s a reminder you’re next, that your time is coming. I don’t think that happened with me. I was already fairly acquainted with mortality’s fact, even my own.
Watching my parents I saw some of death’s work from up close. The way it makes seconds stretch into years and years collapse into moments. The way it makes doing that one last thing impossible: those words never said or taken back, that question never asked, the blessing never given.

There are things I admired about my mother. Her generosity. Her sense of humour. The ease with which she rejected God and Heaven.

At her worst Frances Rodick colluded with the spirits that tortured her, discharging an enraged and jagged pain into a shrunken world.

It was after her death that I started work on these images. I thought that was a coincidence, but maybe not. I forget who it was that said artists should create as if their parents are dead—because a parent can be the most insidious censor, the kind that operates straight out of one’s own mind and gut.

I began by laying out these old photos—pictures of my mother, and others too. I looked through my parents’ documents and papers, as many as I could find. Some were old—birth certificates, letters, business documents—and some more recent: wills, notes on medical care, the do-not-resuscitate orders, the death certificates. Parts of the text you see on my pictures came from those documents.

I never had a plan in making this work. Maybe these pictures of Frances Rodick are a kind of biography—of her, of me, of her and me stitched together in that sad and harrowing way we were. If they are, they’re a kind of hallucinatory biography, because, in the end, one only hazards a tremulous guess at knowing other people, especially one’s parents. But if they are hallucinations, perhaps they’re the kind Céline talked about—the hallucinations more real than everyday life itself. That’s how it feels quite often, and, as I think about it, that’s where my hopes lie.


Frank Rodick, 2012



FRANK RODICK | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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About the project

International festival 

 “The Baltic Photo Biennale. Photomania.”

The largest regional project «International festival “The Baltic Photo Biennale Photomania” takes place every two years in Kaliningrad Area starting from 2003. The unique festival idea is to unite professional and amateur photo artwithin one wide scale project.  Contest exhibition and out-of-competition festival projects, workshops and lectures on the photo arthistory are combined into different festival events that spread over main exhibition spots of Kaliningrad during a month.

The international competition is open for both professional and amateur photographers and the winners are awarded by competent jury from different countries.

A wide range of genres and styles are presented including archives, retrospective and modern art photography. You can find here many authors from Russia, Baltic Sea region and other European countries. There are educational cycles within the frameworks of the festival also where famous masters give their lectures and workshops for beginners, curators and photo editors organize portfolio reviews.

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